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Some of Our Success Stories Include

Case Name: Even v. J. Kiely Ball et al.

Court: Orange County Superior Court

Result: Client was an employee who had not received proper wages from an employer. After a one week bench trial, we received a judgment in favor of our client in excess of $40,000.


Case Name: In Re: G.V. Johnson & H.G. Johnson Survivor Trust/ In Re: G. V. Johnson Trust Dated 12/19/1979

Court: US Bankruptcy Court - Central District of California

Rsult: Client was facing foreclosure on the family vineyard in Sonoma. We were able to reach a settlement with the lender, the Chapter 7 Trustee, and all of the Creditors such that the vineyard was sold, the creditors were paid, and the client even received a (small) reimbursement.


Case Name: Achim v. Wells Fargo Bank, NA et al

Court: Orange County Superior Court

Result: Client was facing foreclosure on their home. The bank had agreed to attemtp to modify their loan but had began "dual tracking" the modification and sale. We were able to prevent the foreclosure of the home and modify the loan such that the client's interest rate was reduced to 2%.


Case Name: Hennessy v. US Eldercare Referral Agency et al

Court: Rivertside Superior Court

Result: Client was sued under an alleged fraudulent loan conspiracy wherein the Plaintiff alleged that the Client was involved a scheme to "inflate" the Plaintiff's loan eligiability for the purchase of her home. We were able to get the case dismissed with prejudice at the pleading stage.


Case Name: In re: Ault

Court: Before regulators of the Financial Industries Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Result: Client was being accused misdeeds as a stock broker with regard to several client accounts. After several months of negotiations, we were able to settle the matter with FINRA on terms favorable to the Client.


Case Name: Jakubaitis v. Padilla

Court: Orange County Superior Court

Result: Client was a landlord with a tenant that would not pay rent or leave the property. The Client was sued by his tenant on a theory that the Client had sold his property to the tenant. We were engaged and immediately filed a motion for summary judgment. Upon receipt of our motion for summary judgment, the tenant immediately dismissed the case.


For a full list of our success stories, please contact our office.